Kinoie’s concept is

“House that enriches lives”

If you live in houses from Kinoie…
You will know what things that touch your hands and that feel good on your feet are made of.
When you wake up in the morning in winter or in the afternoon in summer, you will find yourself in the comfortable air.
We are dedicated to "wood" and aim to create houses that are as comfortable as living in a forest, where residents can enjoy a rich and peaceful life.


We listen,
We design,
We build,
We watch over you.

The basic philosophy that runs throughout our home building process is that we take full responsibility for all aspects of the home building process, from the initial meeting with the client to design, construction, and after-sales service.
Our licensed architects hear your ideas and then design and plan the construction of your home.
Carpenter employees do the construction. Kinoie's carpenters are licensed architects, technicians or with vocational training instructor's license for architecture, who are at the forefront of the industry as skilled craftsmen and technicians.
After the house is completed, after-sales services such as inspections and repairs are handled by the architects and carpenters who were involved in the construction of the customer's house.
From planning to after-sales maintenance, Kinoie employees will always be by your side, watching over your home and your life.

A one-of-a-kind home with peace of mind

Today's houses are made by combining factory-made parts. Not only the house structure, but also the kitchen, bath, windows, doors, storage furniture, stairs, and even the doorways and thresholds of Japanese-style rooms are made at the factory and delivered to the site. The main tools used by carpenters are electric screwdrivers and air tools. Because they assemble the factory-made parts, the designs and finishes are similar for all homebuilders.
In contrast, if you look at Kinoie's examples, you will see that each part of the house is made of wood, steel, stone, and clay, with the hands of specialized craftsmen.
Our design is concerned with revealing the individuality of the materials and the beauty of the structure. We discard ornamentation and pursue the beauty of the bare bones.
All Kinoie are performance rated homes. You will see from the detailed design documents and the performance evaluation report that the house has high structural strength, insulation performance, and durability.
Kinoie delivers customers one-of-a-kind homes with peace of mind.

We aim for a better house by eliminating waste.

Kinoie does not have a sales representative, but instead a professional architect who is an expert in building construction will be your contact. The reason we do not have a sales representative is that we want to spend less money on sales expenses and more on the building, which is also beneficial to our customers.
Kinoie does not have a model house. The reason is that we do not want to pass on the cost of a model house to the price of the house. Instead, we invite you to see actual examples of our construction work.
Kinoie does not outsource carpentry work. The reason is that we want to realize our ideals, and our work priorities are different from those of exclusive carpenters who are outsourced at a price per "tsubo".
Kinoie is a compact company. We aim to create our ideal house by eliminating waste.

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